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My flagship 32+ hour C# course takes you far beyond the other C# courses I created for Microsoft.

You’ll learn C# using ASP.NET to create dynamic web applications.

Many people learn a programming language but never learned how to decompose problems into solutions using code.  This course focuses on using the language to solve real business problems by building your problem solving muscles one coding challenge at a time.

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Our Latest Courses

Learn the skills you need to know to build enterprise scale applications for employers and clients.

Take your first steps into ASP.NET MVC Core to build fast-performing, cloud-ready web apps on any platform.  Over 3 hours of easy to understand explanations of key concepts, how-to and workflow examples.  You’ll build a Help Desk Ticketing system and a solid foundation for more in-depth courses.

The fastest, most gentle introduction to SQL Server 2016 available.  Less than 4 hours, with several challenges to help you learn database development and T-SQL quickly.

Object Oriented Programming is more than just learning about Classes, Objects, Properties, Methods and so on.  It’s a programming philosophy, a “religion” filled with tenets, idioms, best practices, patterns.  This course makes it simple to learn.

This 2+ hour course gets you quickly up to speed with foundational .NET Core concepts. It covers installation considerations, using the Command Line Interface Tooling to scaffold new projects, adding dependencies, compilation, packages, and much more!

Get a jump on the new and advanced features of Bootstrap 4. No experience required. Bob demonstrates all the classes and components in this important new version of Bootstrap.

This 20 lesson course (in progress) mixes hands-on code & lectures covering Entity Models, work flows, ORMs, architecture, DbContexts, DbSets, Code First Workflow, Migrations, LINQ queries, conventions, and more.

Clear Roadmap: What You Need to Know

Our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest skills you need to know to become a professional software developer. If you’re ever unsure what to do next, refer to our Curriculum.

“I still feel the lifetime membership is the best investment I have made. I spent months doing Pluralsight courses but the skill based challenge approach you offer is much better IMHO.”

by member: Haider in a blog comment

I wanted to say that I’ve watched your on .Net via Channel 9 for the past few months and am exceedingly impressed. I actually cancelled my Pluralsight subscription due to the fact that their videos were NO where near as concise and user-based as yours. You are without a doubt one of the most impressive people in the .Net arena and someone I’m pretty glad I started following.

by Gavin Dobbs

LI absolutely love the new site. Way to go!!! Your training is what other training companies should aspire to be. I should know, I’ve paid for plenty of them in my quest to find the best online training company. Your price is small, especially when one looks at the value. Keep it up. I wanted to say thank you for the product and the updates.

by David Sandlin

I wanted to say thank you very much for starting learnvisualstudio.net. I am VB.NET web forms application developer and now the market has been shifting quite some time to C#.NET MVC.

This is a radical change for me and I am still fighting with it, but your tutorials have helped me so much. The work that you do is amazing and I greatly and sincerely appreciate it.

The lifetime membership I purchased, years back has paid off in such a big way. I hope you continue to develop more videos.

I have been offered a Senior C# MVC development position at [the largest hobby retailer in the USA – edited].

Crazy thing is during my interview I told them I did not know MVC nor was I a C# guru as my background was VB.NET and web forms. I merely let them know the steps I have been taking to learn it, I dropped your name and learnvisualstudio.net in the interview.

So I am utilizing your courses nightly and diving deep and making myself struggle with it.

I simply wanted to say thank you!

Artie Catalano

Just to say thanks for such easy to understand lessons (even for a 49 year old). I spent more money on just one book which just confused me more.

I just wanted to tell you how invaluable your tutorials have been to me in conjunction with my college programming courses … Best money EVER spent. I’ve since gone from being a single mother working as a factory grunt to being hired by that same company to design and maintain an in-house product/inventory tracking and control program. I don’t think I could have progressed so rapidly without your help. Thanks so much for being such a big part of my current and future success!!!

Lori Soete