It’s time for another Challenge to test the concepts you’ve learned over the past few lessons, as well as some new things that you’ll need to work with. This challenge deals with creating a simple calculator that will take two numbers and either add, subtract, multiply or divide them, then display the result to a label.

To begin, call the Project: ChallengeSimpleCalculator. At the top of your page, you should have text in a header style that says "Simple Calculator". Below that, you’ll place two TextBox server controls with text in front of them, as well as four buttons; one for each arithmetic operator:


Note: the font for the text preceding each TextBox is Arial-Helvettica.

When the user inputs integer numbers into the TextBoxes, they should be able to click a button and see the correct result. For example, if the user types in 4 and 5 and clicks on the multiply button, the resultLabel should display 20:


Keep in mind that your calculator should be able to both calculate and display decimal-type numbers in the case of decimal division.

Bonus: resultLabel Styling

As you can see in the picture above, the resultLabel that holds the result of the calculation will be slightly styled. The font will be larger, bolded and it will have a background color of light blue. All the settings you’ll need for this are in the Properties window. This styling is a bonus: if you cannot find how to style it, you can still successfully complete the Challenge. Do your best, though!

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