This is the Challenge associated with Lessons 11 and 12 that deal with conditional statements in code. The goal of this Challenge is to use RadioButtons, a Button and a Label to ask the user a question, then display in the Label their selection:


Name the Project ChallengeConditionalRadioButton. Your Default.aspx should match this:


This is all familiar code that we’ve worked with over the past few lessons, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you.

Bonus: resultImage

There is also a bonus challenge for this Project, dealing with a ServerControl we have not yet worked with: the Image. Drag the Image control onto the Web Form underneath your Button and use the provided images to display a picture for the user based on their selection:


This part of the Challenge is trickier because we have yet to cover the Image control, but I know you can do it. In essence, all Server Controls are the same, you just need to play around with them to learn which Properties you need to use to accomplish what you need.

If you get stuck, go ahead and watch as much of the solution as you need, but try to only watch as much as you need. Struggle with this and do your best!

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