This Challenge, titled ChallengeEpicSpiesAssetTracker, will test your knowledge of arrays that we’ve covered in the last few lessons. You will need to create arrays to store and retrieve values between post backs to the server, then display them in a correct format in the resultLabel.


The goal is to create an application that allows Epic Spies, inc. to input an Asset, the number of elections they’ve rigged, and how many acts of subterfuge they committed, then store that information in an array. Your form will look like this:


The resultLabel will display the total elections rigged, the average acts of subterfuge and the name of the latest asset entered:


Some miscellaneous requirements:

  • Make sure the Epic Spies logo is 150px tall.
  • The Asset Performance Tracker text should be an h1.
  • Display only two decimal places in the average acts of subterfuge.

This challenge requires some thinking, but refer to Lesson 23 specifically for help when resizing arrays and using their helper methods. If you understand these concepts, the challenge should be doable, even though we haven’t covered the exact technique necessary to make this work. If you get stuck, feel free to read the solution as much as you need in order to get the answer to the problem facing you. Good luck!

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