This is the challenge called ChallengePhunWithStrings, designed to test your knowledge about manipulating and formatting strings. This challenge consists of several miniature challenges all compiled into one. Each of them has a guideline and starting point in the CS-ASP_035-Challenge code folder.

Challenge 1:

The first challenge is to write a block of code that will take a hard-coded string, such as your name, and print it in reverse:


Challenge 2:

You’ll be given a starting point of a string with a series of names: Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca. Your goal is to reverse the order in which these names appear so that it looks like this:


Challenge 3:

This challenge is a little bit trickier. You’re required to take a string of names,the same as before, and add ascii art to both ends of the names:


The total number of characters, including the name itself, should be 14. This means that the number of ascii’s should be different depending on the length of the name.

Challenge 4:

This challenge requires you to take a pre-generated string and convert it to the required format:



This requires the use of several helper methods for the string class, and will take several steps to complete. Just break the problem down into logical steps that you can then tackle.


More details are included in the CS-ASP_035-Challenge_Code file, including notes inside the provided Project file. This challenge requires a lot of thinking and tackling individual problems in order to come up with the solution, so take your time and think through each step. If you get stuck, check out the solution provided. Good luck!

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