This is the challenge for the last few lessons delaing with logical and comparison operators. This challenge, called ChallengeFirstPapaBobsWebsite, requires you to create a webpage for a fictitious pizza company. You will give customers different size, crust and topping options for their pizza, and then display the total cost to them once they’ve ordered:



You’ll begin by naming your project ChallengeFirstPapaBobsWebsite, and you’ll use RadioButtons and CheckBoxes to represent choices for pizza sizes, crust types and toppings to the user. The text for each server control will display the price of the option it represents to the user. When calculating the total, you’ll add the price of each selection the user makes. I.e. Baby Bob Size will be $10, Thin Crust is free, Pepperoni is $1.50 and Green Peppers are $0.50, so your total should come out to $12.

There is one main exception to this rule, and that is Papa Bob’s Special Deal. This discount of $2 will be applied if the toppings include Pepperoni, Green Peppers and Anchovies OR Pepperoni, Red Peppers and Onions. If either of these conditions are met, the price will be reduced by $2.

Inside the CS-ASP_013-Challenge_Code folder, you’ll find the PapaBob image that will represent the company’s logo. You’ll need to add that to your web form as one of the requirements. Also, notice the red font for ‘Special Deal’, make sure you apply that to your form as well. The font for the website’s header and Special Deal will be Arial, Helvetica.

In the Code folder, you’ll also find a screenshot of what your form should look like initially:



This challenge will test your understanding of the conditional and logical operators, as well as working with Server Controls and text output. Do your best to solve this challenge on your own. However, if you do have trouble, or if you’d like to see an example of how someone else solved the problem, there is a solution file included as well. However, only read as much as you need in order to solve the problem you’re facing. Do your best to break down this challenge into smaller problems, then work your way through all of them individually. If you need, feel free to review the earlier lessons in this course before you begin. Good luck!

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