Session Transcript

Alright, so we’re going to get started by creating a new team project in Visual Studio Team Services and go on from there to create user stories and get the project kicked off. So, here I am. You can sign up for free for your own account at I already have an account. You can see I have a couple of projects already created. To create new projects, I’m going to go to the Create New Project link under Recent projects and teams.

I’m going to give this project a new name. Just going to call it DevU, and won’t need a description. I’m not going to choose the other process templates. Agile will work just fine, and we’re going to use Git as the version control, as opposed to Team Foundation Version Control. And I’ll click Create the project. Awesome. So let’s go ahead and navigate to the project. And this is the overview screen. We get a little popup dialog that we can start managing work or adding code.

We’re going to start by managing work, so I’ll click on this button on the left, and here we see the Kanban board where I can add new stories and we can begin the process of creating stories and tasks and assigning them to the different members of the team, and I’ll do that in the next video. See you there. Thanks.