Video Playback

I can’t install the Flash player on my computer in order to watch streaming videos. What are my options?

We use Vimeo Pro to host our streaming videos. Vimeo supports the HTML5 standard for embedded video (without the need for any plugins like Flash). However, some browsers (particularly older ones) do not support this HTML5 feature, and in that case Vimeo provides a “fall back” to the Flash browser plugin.

Newer browsers almost universally have support for native HTML5 players. This means you typically won’t need any plugins (like Flash) to view the videos.

However, in some cases, you the Flash Player and JavaScript may be required.

If you can’t get the HTML5 player nor the Flash player to work in your environment, you should consider purchasing (or upgrading) to a Lifetime membership to gain the benefit of MP4 file downloads.

Yes, I can personally attest to the fact that the videos stream well to iPad and iPhones! I tested both devices and it works gloriously!

It works in all browsers I’ve tested on Windows (IE9+, FireFox, Google Chrome) and Mac (Safari, FireFox and Google Chrome).

The videos will also work on *some* Android devices (phone and tablet). I’ve had confirmation from several users (and have seen it work myself) on a first generation Android phone. We know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab could not stream the videos, however Vimeo is working on this and may have solved it by the time you read this.

Here’s a list of all the devices that will allow you to play back Vimeo videos:

Video Download

How do I download videos?

Video downloads are only available to Lifetime Memberships.

To access the video downloads section, click on your “My Dashboard” link at the top of the page. Look for the green course called “Video Downloads”.

Payment & Renewal

We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The exception for Lifetime members is when you download a single video file you are no longer eligible for the money back offer. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions (that you agreed to when you purchased) for more information.

Still Need Help?

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