Welcome to to new-new-new-DevU.

For a site only a few months old, it might seem preposterous that there have been three launches.

The first, a botched WordPress implementation that was bringing a dedicated Linux server to its knees … and that’s no easy accomplishment! The best I can figure out is that I installed a plugin that created such massive queries in MySQL that it would use up all the memory on the box. I had a couple of experts and the server host look at the situation and couldn’t figure it out, so I punted.

I move the site to an up-and-coming hosted SaaS for selling and delivering courses, but after I realized they would routinely add new features to their system at the expense of stability, I quickly bolted. Fortunately, that rev of DevU never went live.

Finally, I landed at Thinkific, another SaaS in the course selling and delivery space. Is it perfect? No. However it’s pretty good, and when the server goes down in the middle of the night, it’s not me who has to get up to reboot MySQL. 🙂

For those of you inconvenienced with the move, I apologize again. You should have received an email from me with instructions about moving your account over.

The features of Thinkific didn’t correlate with the features I was able to offer via WordPress using a Learning Management System plugin called LearnDash. For instance, there are no achievements in Thinkific. I wasn’t able to transfer over existing customers’ course progress. Also, there are some klunky user experiences because my business model doesn’t jive 100% with the service they were offering.

However, there is one very cool feature they had that I did not: adjustable video playback speed. Want to play at double-time? Go ahead! Want to slow it down? You can do that, too!

Some good, some bad.

Thinkific also allows me to sell courses individually, which is something I’m testing to gauge the response.

Right now, I’m finish up the Bootstrap 4 course then figuring out what to work on next.

Enjoy the new site,