I just wanted to announce the newest courses available on DevU. If you’re already a 1 Year or Lifetime member, log in and start watching! If not, you can purchase these courses individually or get ALL our courses for as little as $100.


Introduction to .NET Core 1.0

In this 2+ hour course we learn about the .NET Core 1.0, its purpose, its future, how to install the Framework and Command Line Interface Tooling on Mac and Windows, how to use the dotnet driver application to create a new Console application, how to modify the code, add dependencies in the project.json file, how to use NuGet to restore packages, how to compile and package applications, and most importantly in each case, what’s going on behind the scenes and why. This is a perfect foundational course as you begin your journey transitioning to the .NET Core.


Getting Started with the Entity Framework Core 1.0

In this 20 lesson course (in progress), you’ll learn how to leverage the Entity Framework Core 1.0 for your next project. The course mixes hands-on demonstrations and exercises with conceptual discussions of Entity Models, work flows, Object Relational Mappers, architecture and practical matters related to working with DbContexts, DbSets, Code First Workflow, Migrations, LINQ queries, conventions and how they influence the creation of database tables, columns, keys, constraints, and more.

I hope to finish recording this course sometime next week. The first 2 hours are available right now.


Hugs and kisses,
Bob Tabor